USL super y Open tryouts SUmmer 2018

Tryout Dates:



Sunday, Feb 25th
(2012-2011 call or email for more details)

10:30-11:30am- 2010-2008 Girls & Boys
11:30-12:30pm- 2007-2006 Girls & Boys
12:30-1:30pm- 2005-2004 Girls & Boys
1:30-2:30pm- 2003-2000 Girls & Boys

Location: West Chicago Sportsplex 551 West Roosevelt Rd , West Chicago


Super Y Practice Squad/Team Selection Process FOR 2012-1999 Boys & Girls

Team Selection(AGES 2008-1999): Players/Parents will be contacted after tryout letting you know what direction coaching staff will be taking with your child and what you should expect and plan for. Players will be recommended to continue attending future tryout/practice/scrimmage dates to start familiarizing with teammates, coaches and philosophy. Players must make effort to attend all games. Only traveling to 2 tournaments this summer as one will be played in Schaumburg, Illinois. Program consists of 2-3 times/week practice, 8-10 Regional games. including game night(scrimmages with other teams) for $600.

Practice Squad Selection(AGES 2008-1999): Players/Parents will be contacted after tryouts letting you know about your child being selected as a practice squad player for now. Players will be recommended to continue attending future tryout/practice/scrimmage dates. These extra practices may make the difference in making Super Y Team on a later date. Practice players are eligible to play in summer league games if coaches see fit. PLEASE SEE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR CHILD AND NOT AS SECOND TIER. THE PRACTICES ARE WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN THE END SO YOUR CHILD CAN IMPROVE OVER THE SUMMER MONTHS. Program consists of 2-3 times/week practice including game night(scrimmages with other teams) for $425.

Pre Super Y Practice Squad Selection(AGES 2012-2009): Parents must call to set up day/time to have their child evaluated if currently outside of CSA. Program consists of 2-3 times/week practice including game night for 2 months for $375?   

Potential Summer Practice Schedule for 2012-1999 Boys & Girls Teams

This is meant just to give you an idea of what it could look like.2-3 practices/week. 3rd practice is mandatory half the time for “Team”. Obviously vacations are permitted and there is no lost playing time upon return. “Practice Squad” players practices are NOT mandatory. All practice sessions are structured around possession style soccer principles including training session plans from Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Arsenal.
Practices start: June 4th week-Practices everyday due to regular spring season club team league play not over. Pick and choose what days you can attend.
Practices end: July 31st week- Practices optional due to regular fall season starting with your club team
2 Practices/week example: Monday and Wednesday 6-7:30pm
1  Friendlies Night (game against other Super Y within club: Friday's between 4:30-7:30pm
Potential Neutral Sites (Only participating in 3 weekends):
Locations are most likely Elgin, Aurora, South Bend, Crown Point and Lansing. ALL TEAMS WILL GO TO UP TO 3 OF THESE WEEKENDS MAX. They have not allocated what weekends will be where yet.

June 22-24

June 29-July 1

July 6-8

July 13-15

July 20-22

2-3 games will be played on one weekend day like a tournament. 3 max weekend dates. Example: play at 10am, 1:30pm and 5pm. 
Winners of u12+ Region participate in National Championship at IMG Academy in Florida in Dec 2018.

What is USL Super Y?

  • USL Super Y is a summer league(June-July) that consists of up to 20 practices and 8-10 games with a team.
  • You must tryout for a spot. Players from any club are able to tryout/participate in this competition without a release from their current clubs.
  • Come play for a Regional Super Y team in the summer and practice and play with elite players from the area then go back to your club team for regular fall league play.
  • New Regional Scouting Series, partnerships with some of the leaders in youth soccer, experienced and professional staff, advanced player tracking, and offering the chance to compete for a North American Championship.
  • Regional Champions 06 (u12+) advance to USL National Finals at the IMG Academy, Bradenton, FL in December 2018.

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