START DATE: Week of December 3rd

NO TRAINING: Week of December 17

Week of December 24

Week of December 31

RESUME TRAINING: Week of January 7th

NO WEST CHICAGO: Week of February 25th

Week of March 4th

****training at Aquascape and St Charles Sportsplex on as scheduled these weeks

FINAL WEEK: Week of March 18th


As you probably noticed each practice is now 90 minutes as opposed to the 60 minute practices last winter. Included in each 90 minute session there will be approximately 30 minutes of strength training each night. We wanted to make it a priority to continue strength training for the kids over the winter so they don't lose that conditioning and can stay in soccer shape. Where you see two age groups overlapping times at a facility, that means one group will be on the field practicing while the other is outside working on fitness.


Based on the experiences we had last year and the outlook on the local indoor leagues, this winter we will not be sending our 2005-2011 teams to any local indoor leagues. Other competitive clubs in the area have pulled out of the Bubble and there is much uncertainty at St Charles Sportsplex this winter so we do not think it will be worth our time/money. Instead, we have secured more turf time and dedicated 90 minutes each Saturday for our teams to get some additional work. In these Saturday sessions we will participate in a number of different activities each week including: scrimmages, tactics, video sessions, and strength training. We will rotate the curriculum each weekend but will make it intense and informational for the kids. These should be treated as mandatory as this will be the only 90 minutes asked of the group each weekend for the entire winter.


We have been approached by some tournament directors throughout the midwest about bringing some of our teams to regional tournaments during the winter. Thus we may identify a few age groups to participate in these events. There will be a message to these particular groups with specific details if they are going to travel for these events.


The focus of our winter training is individual player development. Improving the skills and technique of each player in smaller space is going to be our primary goal. To emphasize this we will work on foot skills along with having the teams playing small sided games to improve passing, reaction time, speed of play and movement with/without the ball. Teams will train together to ensure quality sessions and 2-3 CSA coaches will be present. If you can't attend your team's practice, CSA has an open training policy that allows players to train on a different night with a similar age group. You just need to get permission from your coach/director. Winning and losing league games is secondary and our primary concerns are developing each player's technical needs along with tactical awareness and development in the smaller sided games.

If you have any questions please let me know.