The CSA staff have the experience and techniques to get the effort out of each player. Once this is accomplished, confidence starts appearing in each player. Players will be introduced technical and tactical components of the game in a fun learning environment.

Chicago Soccer Academy was created so Professional Coaches could give the children in your area from as early as 3 yrs old to learn to love the game of soccer and develop their skills at the same time. The club will offer programs for players of all levels and ages, from preschool children to High School. The club believes in individual development of a player first but also creating a competitive team environment that is physically and mentally challenging. Jr Academy program is for 3 - 10 year old boys and girls. Everything is held at one location and players will be separated during practice and games according to skill first, genre second, and age lastly to ensure each child is being challenged but at the same time having success. Premier teams are also a big part of the program where teams are created for 7 - High School boys and girls.

Traveling is involved when playing on these teams. Players have to tryout each year for a position on a team and teams are selected based on skill. Different level teams will be offered and formed to cater to each players needs.


Players will be encouraged to bring out their creative side with the knowledge they have obtained from practices. This will allow the freedom for each player to experiment new things with the ball.


Professional coaches will ensure building the confidence of each player through positive reinforcement and motivational techniques. On the field corrections and discovery questions will ensure the player’s success in learning of the game.


Player’s decision making is solely up to them but Professional coaches will educate the player on each alternative option possible.