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CSA Family: Spring Edition

By CSA, 04/13/18, 2:15AM CDT



Kate offers her services to all CSA players and coaching staff. You get injured? Call Kate

For a soccer player hip mobility is integral to high performance. We associate high performance with winning games and championships thus we are often willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that level of performance. Recovery is key to building strength, endurance, speed and agility because those things don't get better without having good mobility throughout your entire body.

Soccer players spend most of their time running or passing with the inside of their foot. The muscles on the outside of the hip have to remain strong to stabilize the leg, both kicking and non kicking, and the kicking leg has to have increased strength in the quads and inner thigh. This can create an imbalance in the deep hip rotators and result in both hip and lower back pain. Additionally, we typically find that players have pain when we test the lower leg at the top of the bone on the outside of the knee. Pain there tells us that the body is not transmitting force through the core effectively and typically results in lower back pain down the road. When assessing both ankle and big toe mobility these too can lead to pain in the lower back, hips, groin and knees. 

Regular stretching, foam rolling, manual therapy and assessment of compensation patterns can change the career of a player by keeping them healthy. There are many methods used for "rolling out" muscles but which ones need the most attention varies from player to player. It's not enough to roll out the legs and hope for the best. Specific stretches, moving through dynamic movement, specific techniques with massage balls and foam rollers in addition to manual therapy can clear up most issues young athletes face. Proper assessment of the big toe, ankles and hips are integral to continued success of the player. 

London Recovery Institute specializes in assessing compensation patterns, manual therapy, amino neurofrequency therapy and neuromuscular re-education to help athletes at all levels stay healthy. We will solve your issue and then teach you how to stay healthy so you don't have a recurring issue over and over again. 

Our newest therapist Jenny Manion was the former therapist for the Chicago Fire as well as the US Women's National Soccer Team domestic and international therapist. She has extensive experience working with soccer players at all levels including those who need sports performance enhancement. Jenny is also a personal trainer with extensive experience in treating post surgical and post rehab patients using multiple modalities and training modules. 

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